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How Society Affects Body Image and Different Types of Eating Disorders

Posted September 8th, 2017 in Christian Counseling For Teens, Eating Disorders, Featured, Individual Counseling, Weight Loss, Women's Issue

As an adult woman, do you often compare yourself to images you see on TV, the internet, or out in the world? Have you thought about what it’s like to live as a teen girl in the current culture, hoping to fit into the ‘societal norm’?

At some point in life, most females will battle with body image issues, eating struggles, and comparisons with other women whether they develop one of the many different types of eating disorders or not.

In today’s world, with the constant pressure of social media in front of us all the time, it’s hard not to compare ourselves with others.

In this video, I discuss the pressures that both young and older women face trying to fit in and struggling with body image issues. I also bring up an article and video that was all over the internet recently, with the singer Pink talking to her daughter in the audience at the VMA awards show. It was powerful to hear Pink’s message to her daughter, who is close to my own daughter’s age.

If I were in her status and position, I would have given a similar speech. It was effective and got the message across to everyone listening, that you should embrace who you are and not change anything about your looks or body based on what others say or think of you.

I also talk about my own individual struggle with anorexia when I was in college and out of college, and how this has affected my personal knowledge of different types of eating disorders. It is one of the reasons I love working with the eating disordered population, because I understand this issue on both a personal and professional level.

I hope you find the video above to be inspiring, informational, and at the very least, that you take away that you are made by God to be exactly how you are. You are special, important, and beautiful on the inside and out, no matter what the world may tell you.

It is so important to raise our little girls to be strong in their opinions of themselves, as well as confident in what they look like and what they stand for. I made this video inspired by Pink’s video in hopes that one day my own daughter will watch it as well. My daughter is almost five years old, and Pink’s daughter is six … a very impressionable age for everything going on around them. Kids listen to and watch our every move, so being an example of a healthy, strong, beautiful Mama on the inside and out is so important!

May you find peace within yourself, and if you need counseling, please contact me at my information below.




“Smile,” courtesy of Caique Silva,, CC0 License; “Laughter,” courtesy of Seth Doyle,, CC0 License 

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