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Bothell Christian Counseling serving the communities Bothell, Kirkland, Bellevue, Mill Creek, Woodinville, Lynnwood, Redmond.

Join us at Bothell Christian Counseling, find direction in your life. Receive quality individual, marriage/couple, or family therapy from Professional and Licensed Christian Counselors with insurance reimbursement from most providers. Areas of Service include: individual therapy, marriage and family therapy, adolescent therapy, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress management, self esteem, life transition, isolation and loneliness, grief and loss, abuse, self harm, and spiritual guidance counseling within a Christian counseling perspective.

  • Build confidence in overcoming insecurities
  • Improve communication skills
  • Deepen intimacy in relationships
  • Hope for sexual wholeness
  • Strengthen faith and spirituality
  • Reclaim your voice in abusive relationships
  • Regain a balanced sense of well-being and reduce anxiety
  • Enrich life through marriage and family counseling
  • Break free of depression

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Group Counseling

Counseling groups are forming at Seattle Christian Counseling. Groups include Men’s Sexual Addiction Recovery by Chris Chandler. Experience the power and support of being part of a community seeking restoration and healing together. Limited openings are available!

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Your mental and emotional health determines how well you bounce back from disappointments, hurts, trauma, and betrayal. It directly impacts your well-being. Mental and emotional health in turmoil can make a person physically ill. For example, suppose you develop anxiety from too much stress over a long period. In that case, you might experience headaches, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, excessive sweating, insomnia, and [...]

Depression After a Breakup: Tips for Finding Yourself Again

Feeling down after a breakup is a typical emotion. You invested time and energy into a relationship that did not work out. But some breakups hit harder than others. After a breakup, you may go through the stages of grief: shock (denial), anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Many of us get stuck in the depression stage of the process. This pervasive sadness steals our motivation [...]

Moods and Mindfulness: Managing Depression with Tools You Can Use

Depression is one of several mental health diagnoses that build momentum from the sadness, anger, and hopelessness that it deposits in those who experience it. Its symptoms influence our moods, behaviors, and bodies, leaving us as an exhausted, irritable shell of ourselves. It persuades us to trade our status as beloved sons and daughters for diminished esteem and enhanced distrust of God, ourselves, and others. [...]

How Is Your Mental Health? Simple Questions to Find Out

The idea of mental health can sometimes seem difficult to fully comprehend. It encompasses so many aspects of our lives and wellness we can struggle to see how they all work together. Even more significantly, we can struggle to grasp how they impact our emotional, social, mental, and physical wellness. There can often be two extremes when it comes to considering your mental health. The [...]

Practical Steps for Adult Children Whose Parents Are Aging

Getting older can be a very difficult process for your parents and comes with inevitable changes in their minds and their bodies. Forgetfulness, repeating the same questions, getting regularly lost while driving, keeping up with housework, and remembering to pay bills are common signs of aging. Aging can also make some people more withdrawn, suspicious, or paranoid. When these situations surface adult children are increasingly [...]

19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

If you are searching for natural remedies for anxiety, you have come to the right place. Anxiety is a common response to stress or danger. Almost everyone experiences it at one time or another. However, when it becomes excessive or disproportionate to the circumstances, it can harm your physical and mental well-being, sap your energy, and turn into an anxiety disorder that interferes with your [...]