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Join us at Bothell Christian Counseling, find direction in your life. Receive quality individual, marriage/couple, or family therapy from Professional and Licensed Christian Counselors with insurance reimbursement from most providers. Areas of Service include: individual therapy, marriage and family therapy, adolescent therapy, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress management, self esteem, life transition, isolation and loneliness, grief and loss, abuse, self harm, and spiritual guidance counseling within a Christian counseling perspective.

  • Build confidence in overcoming insecurities
  • Improve communication skills
  • Deepen intimacy in relationships
  • Hope for sexual wholeness
  • Strengthen faith and spirituality
  • Reclaim your voice in abusive relationships
  • Regain a balanced sense of well-being and reduce anxiety
  • Enrich life through marriage and family counseling
  • Break free of depression

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marjolein deu
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Marjolein Deu, BA, BS, SD

Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Studies, Spiritual Director

As a trained Christian Spiritual Director, I have a passion for helping people grow in their relationship with the Lord. I am not a health care provider or licensed counselor, but I do have training and experience in Christian spiritual direction, formation, and healing and intercessory prayer. I love coming alongside people who are struggling in their faith or lacking direction, including issues related to forgiveness, grief, loss, sin, fear, a lack of confidence, and relational challenges. It is my joy to join others in search of God’s fingerprints in their lives, and I count it a privilege to get a front row seat to what the Lord is doing.

I am fluent in both Dutch and English.

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Group Counseling

Counseling groups are forming at Seattle Christian Counseling. Groups include Men’s Sexual Addiction Recovery by Chris Chandler. Experience the power and support of being part of a community seeking restoration and healing together. Limited openings are available!


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