You may have a hard time relaxing during a stressful work day, or maybe you wake up anxious and stressed out. Whatever the case may be, I will demonstrate in this short, four-minute video, a simple relaxation technique.

It is called the 7/11 breathing technique, which is the fastest and easiest way that I have learned to calm down the nervous system. When you are anxious or stressed, your breathing becomes rapid. My goal is to get your breathing rate back to normal. You will notice if you practice this with me in this video, that your heart rate will also decrease and your stress level will lower.

If you use this relaxation technique in your everyday lives, whether at work, school, or even driving in your car, you will notice a significant change. This is like anything else, so practice makes perfect! I would encourage you to do it repeatedly. In one sitting, you can practice this breathing technique many times until you finally feel fully relaxed.

I would encourage you, however, not to close your eyes when driving please! Just do the breathing part of this technique.

I have used this relaxation technique on a regular basis for myself for over a year now, and I can tell you that it automatically works for me when I start to feel stressed.  That’s because I have taught my body how to relax with my breathing, and what to do to de-stress. It really does work, if you practice it and stick with it! Plus, it’s such a simple way to relax your mind and body, so what are you waiting for?

If you have any further questions after watching my video, please feel free to contact me through email or my phone number. You can find my information on our website through my online profile. If you would like to contact me for counseling, you can get in touch with me this way, as well.

Thanks for watching my video! I hope it helps you to relax, de-stress, and learn the ability to practice this on your own time, to take away anxiety from your mind and body. God bless and keep you happy, peaceful, and full of His love and light!


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