Jessica Berg, MA, LMHC | Specialties


Women’s Counseling / Stay at Home Moms

As women, we have a lot of unique challenges in life. Sometimes having someone who has “been there” to talk to can be very healing. I offer help for women who struggle with a wide-range of problems, with a special focus on offering support for stay-at-home moms. Whether dealing with loneliness, stress, parenting concerns, relationship problems, or issues related to self-image, I’m here to help you feel empowered, loved, and supported as you work towards finding your God-given strengths and purpose.

Counseling for Teens

I’ve helped young people find healing, hope, and self-confidence since I was a teen myself. I feel especially drawn to helping young people find their voice, move past difficult situations, and learn how to work through difficult emotions in a healthy way. I also encourage teens who struggle with issues of faith, and need someone to talk to who won’t make them feel pressured or judged. If your teen struggles with things like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or healing after a divorce, I offer tools that will help them deal with present troubles while learning how to better deal with challenges in the future.

Anxiety and Depression

If you often feel anxious, over-stressed, or battle feelings of sadness and hopelessness, I can help you move to a place of peace and happiness. I am experienced in helping people overcome difficult emotions using proven relaxation techniques. I also welcome people of faith to join me in prayer during sessions, if the situation arises. Living with anxiety and depression can have serious effects on many areas of your life, so I encourage anyone who struggles to join me on a path of self-discovery and healing. Together we will find the tools and guidance you need for your unique situation and experiences, so that you can build the life that you desire.

Eating Disorders

If you or your teen struggle with anorexia, bulimia, or binge-eating disorder, I offer safe and lasting solutions. I understand the many emotional, psychological, and social influences that cause people to fall into these damaging behaviors. I also have faith in the healing of Christ for all areas of our life. Through faith and client-centered counseling, I offer a wide-range of tools to help people overcome these difficult challenges, so they can learn to fully love themselves, others, and God.


I help women and teens who struggle to form healthy, happy relationships. Whether you’re dealing with issues related to past relationships, or need help overcoming challenges within your marriage or family, I offer practical solutions for healing. We all have a natural need for love, affection, and acceptance. I will help you build strong, fully-connected relationships with yourself, loved ones, and with Christ.