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Join our counselors at their warm and welcoming office in Redmond. There is plenty of free parking, and we are located within walking distance from Anderson Park and a few blocks from downtown Redmond. Our Redmond Christian counselors offer a variety of services, from individual counseling, to marital and family therapy, to group sessions. They also offer specialized support for overcoming addiction, co-occurring disorders, trauma, and teens. When you arrive at our office, please make yourself at home at in our waiting room, and a counselor will come to meet you shortly.

We would be delighted to work with you at our Redmond office, and we look forward to accompanying you on your journey to health and wholeness!

Individual Counseling for Adults and Teens

What can Individual Counseling for Adults Offer Me?

Individual counseling provides an opportunity for healing and growth through a one-to-one relationship with a professional, talented Christian counselor. Individual counseling can offer you a safe place to process and work toward changing unhealthy thoughts, habits, and emotions that are keeping you from living in freedom. We offer individual counseling for a variety of issues, including: relationship struggles, anxiety and/or stress, depression, trauma/PTSD, loneliness, grief/loss, spiritual direction, and career guidance.

What does Individual Counseling Look Like?

Counseling is first and foremost a partnership – a collaborative relationship between a client and counselor. You and your counselor will work together to seek positive and lasting change in your life and relationships. No two people are alike, so we understand how important it is for us to tailor our practices to meet each of our clients where they are in their journey. Your Redmond Christian counselor will spend his or her first few meetings with you getting to know you better. Once you and your counselor have determined what your specific needs are, you will collaboratively determine the appropriate course for your counseling relationship.

What can Christian Counseling do for my Teen?

Being a teenager has never been easy, but today’s adolescents face more challenges than ever before: high divorce rates, a culture that wants them to grow up too fast, pressure to use drugs or alcohol and to live a promiscuous life. This tumultuous time in their development is full of enormous changes, and the pressures teens face in school, work, and at home can be overwhelming. The teen years almost always bring added stress to family life, and parents may become easily overwhelmed by their child’s sudden shift in behavior.

There is hope. A Christian counselor can provide your teen with a safe, non-judgmental ear and an objective adult perspective. Very often, your teen will feel more comfortable opening up to an adult who is not within the family, and in the context of Christian counseling, your teen will be able to process his or her experiences in a safe and healthy manner. At Redmond Christian Counseling, we encourage parents and teens to develop healthy communication and learn to empathize with one another’s feelings. Counseling offers teens the opportunity to develop a healthy one-to-one relationship with a counselor who can give them tools to identify challenges and manage their changing world.

Marital & Premarital Counseling

Why Should we Seek Marriage Counseling?

Sometimes we think of marriage as an easy, immediately gratifying relationship, but this is rarely the case! Marriage is hard work, and maintaining life-long intimacy is indeed an enormous challenge. No matter where you are in your relationship with your partner – whether you’ve been married for thirty years or engaged for thirty minutes – a Christian counselor can help you and your partner grow in intimacy and develop healthy communication habits.

Perhaps you are newly married and need advice about how to handle joint finances. Or maybe you want to know how to keep your marriage exciting after many years. You might even be facing grave doubts about your relationship’s future, or you could want advice about how to rebuild trust after an affair. Whatever your reason, Christian counseling can help you find new depths of love and intimacy in your marriage.

What can a Marriage Counselor do for Our Relationship?

All marital concerns come with their own unique sets of emotions, and they can be overwhelming. Yet through counseling, you can turn these challenges into relational victories. At our Redmond office, our counselors can offer you a gracious space to explore your relationship in couples’ counseling. Both Helen and Chris are passionate about helping you develop a healthy, happy marriage. Couples’ counseling can offer many benefits, including:

  • better communication
  • deeper levels of intimacy
  • strengthening commitment
  • overcoming past hurts
  • discovering your spouse anew
  • developing a better sex life
  • confronting family challenges
  • learning to love deeper
  • increased awareness of God’s role in your relationship
    • Working through codependency and addictions in your relationship

Seattle Christian Counseling is committed to fostering healthy marriages, and our Redmond Christian counselors can offer you premarital and marital counseling to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Addiction Recovery

Why Does my Addictive Behavior Matter?

Do you feel trapped or overpowered by an addiction? Are you dependent on drugs, alcohol, or any kind of substance to get through the day? Do you find yourself compulsively drawn to pornography? Seeking the advice of a mental health counselor can be the first important step toward overcoming the addictions that prevent you from living in true freedom. At Redmond Christian Counseling, we can provide the services you need to overcome your dependencies.

Very often, when people seek counseling for an addiction, it means that nothing else has worked. Addictions can have a stronghold on our lives, and we are often powerless to fight them on our own. And addictions are not simply synonymous with substance abuse: you can be addicted to gambling, sex, food, or just about anything.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Most of the time, people who develop chemical dependencies also suffer from mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression. Our counselors are highly skilled to detect the interplay between addiction and mental health issues, and at our Redmond office, you can receive treatment for co-occurring disorders.

How we can help you recover from addiction:

At Seattle Christian Counseling, Redmond, we can offer you:

  • a safe place to process your addictive behavior
  • a non-judgmental ear to listen
  • strategies for overcoming your addiction
  • hope for an addiction-free future
  • restoration of your body and mind
  • immediate solutions and long-term goals
  • resources and tools to face future temptations


Group Counseling

At Redmond Christian Counseling, you can join Chris Chandler for one of his supportive and successful group counseling courses. Chris has been conducting group counseling for over ten years, and he currently provides therapy groups for addiction recovery, young men’s social skills, and overcoming sexual addiction. To learn more about these groups, please visit our group counseling services page.


Patricia Lyon, MA, LMHCA, CSAT-Candidate

Licensed Counselor Associate

Phone: (425) 354-5473

Schedule Online
Therapies: Patricia offers counseling for  Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups.
Fees: : Sliding scale available. Risk-free initial visit. Some insurance reimbursement as a Master’s level counselor associate.
Locations: Mill Creek & Redmond



Chris Chandler, MA, LMHC,

Licensed Counselor and Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist

Phone: (425) 533-0007
Schedule Online
Therapies: Chris offers counseling for teens, individual adults, marriage, pre-marital counseling.  Chris also offers spiritual direction and chemical dependency counseling.
Fees: Risk-free initial visit. Insurance reimbursement as a Licensed Master’s level counselor. Chris is currently in network with First Choice, Group Health, Lifewise, Premera, Regence, and Tricare. Call for more information regarding other providers!
Locations: Bellevue, Bothell & Redmond

Barney Armstrong, MA, LMHC, CSAT-Candidate

Licensed Counselor

Phone: (206) 701-9144
Schedule Online
Therapies: Barney offers counseling for individual, marriage, pre-marital, and Christian Life counseling.
Fees: Sliding scale available. Risk-free initial visit. Some insurance reimbursement as a Master’s level counselor. Call for more information!
Locations: Bellevue & Redmond



Julie Stroemel, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

For scheduling contact Julie’s scheduling assistant Dana @ (206) 388-3929

Therapies: Julie offers counseling for Individuals, Couples and Neuropsychological Testing.
Fees: Julie is currently in network with First Choice, Premera, Regence and others (link). For all other insurance plans check with your policy for Out of Network benefits.
Locations:  Mill Creek




8195 166th Ave NE, #204

Redmond, WA  98052

Please note that this building is not wheelchair accessible.

From 520 Eastbound:

Head east on WA-520 E towards Redmond

Turn left onto Redmond Way

Turn right onto 166th Ave NE, continue north to 8195 166th Ave on the left (Sign says Capstone Building).

Suite #204 up one floor; can use either flight of stairs accessible from either side of first floor entrance.

Have a seat in the waiting room.

From 405 South:

Head south on I-405 S

Take exit 18 for NE 85th Street toward Kirkland

Keep left at the fork, follow signs for NE 85th Street E and merge onto NE 85th Street

Continue onto Redmond Way

Turn right onto Cleveland Street

Turn left onto 166th Ave NE

Go about 2 ½ blocks north on 166th Ave NE, turn left into 8195 166th Ave NE.  (Sign says Capstone Building).

Suite #204 up one floor; can use either flight of stairs accessible from either side of first floor entrance.

Have a seat in the waiting room.

From 405 North:

Head north on I-405 N

Take exit 18 for WA-908 E toward Redmond

Merge onto NE 85th Street

Continue onto Redmond Way

Turn right onto Cleveland Street

Turn left onto 166th Ave NE

Go about 2 ½ blocks north on 166th Ave NE, turn left into 8195 166th Ave NE.  (Sign says Capstone Building).

Suite #204 up one floor; can use either flight of stairs accessible from either side of first floor entrance.

Have a seat in the waiting room.

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