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Counseling for Co-Occurring Disorders

Treating Addiction and Mental Health Together

“Co-occurring disorders” is a term that describes the interplay between various addictions and mental health concerns. For the past several years, I have counseled people struggling with sexual addiction, drug/alcohol addiction and/or various other addictions while simultaneously addressing their mental health diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and PTSD. Very often, if an individual struggles with any one of these, they end up struggling with several. I am passionate about helping my clients understand the relationship between various addictions and underlying psychiatric disorders. I aim to offer a holistic approach to healing that includes biological, psychological, social, and spiritual interventions. I also offer counseling for these issues independent of each other; see “one-to-one counseling” below.

Adolescent Counseling

Safe, friendly counseling for young people

Life can be pretty overwhelming for young people. In addition to disorienting physical and emotional changes, teenagers must combat enormous temptations and pressures heaped on them by peers, families, schools, and wider culture. Yet young people are at a perfect time in their lives to figure out what works and what needs to change. My desire in counseling adolescents is to help them see themselves for who they are apart from the labels that have been imposed upon them.

When working with young people, I have found that there are often systemic family issues involved in the client’s development. Therefore, I emphasize family involvement in my work as a youth counselor.

One-to-One Counseling

Therapy for Individuals

In addition to offering therapy for the specific areas listed above, I also provide one-to-one counseling and spiritual direction for individuals seeking to address personal concerns. My ultimate goal as a counselor is to help my clients feel liberated—to be set free from past experiences and present problems so to live a fuller life in the future. Through a variety of counseling techniques—from exploratory sessions to goal setting to homework—we will work together to help you overcome the issues in your life that prevent you from living to the fullest. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, grief, or addiction, or you just want a safe space and qualified counselor to assist you on your journey, I am here to help.

Couples, Pre-Marital, and Marriage Counseling

Help for you and the one you love

God created each of us uniquely, and we all have different needs, interests, goals, and habits. However, God also created us to live fruitfully in relationship with one another. Relationships are remarkably stressful: when we enter into relationship with another human being, conflict is guaranteed. Christian counseling for couples and spouses can help you to understand your relationship better and grow in your love. I offer counseling for dating couples, engaged couples, and spouses. Whether you are just beginning your relationship together or have been married for many years, I can offer you a welcoming space to explore your relationship together and grow in your love for one another.

Family Therapy

Working Through Systemic Issues

Family therapy offers family members an opportunity to explore relationship dynamics, work toward overcoming systemic issues, and grow together in relational wholeness. As a family counselor, I aim to foster a welcoming and judgment-free environment and facilitate meaningful conversation. Open communication and a willingness to listen are essential for family growth. I especially encourage families to be involved in teen and substance abuse counseling. By seeking counseling together, your family can learn to love and support one another and encourage each other to live to the fullest potential, both as individuals and as a body together.